Jewellery Care

Resize and Alteration

· We understand that size is tricky sometimes. If you find that the size of the jewelry piece does not fit you well after purchasing, please contact us for further assistance. Our team will be glad to provide you with professional advice.

Jewelry Care

To preserve the beauty of your jewelry, we recommend the following care tips:

· Remove your jewelry piece before you wash your hands, put on hand cream, perfumes or other skin care. It is best to avoid your jewelry contacting with chemicals as this could affect its colour, luster and brilliance.

· It is important not to expose your jewelry pieces to high temperature such as prolonged sun exposure and x-ray.

· We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry when you perform certain activities (sports, gardening etc) to prevent from scratch or impact to your jewelry pieces.

· You may store each of your Illume House jewelry pieces in its own box or pouch bag in order to protect it from being scratched.

· You could clean your diamond jewelry by brushing it delicately with a soft small brush in warm soapy water. Rinsing it carefully in warm water and wiping in with a soft cloth after.


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